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Beelzebub Baby Beel Embroidery Bag

Beelzebub Baby Beel Embroidery Bag
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  • Name Baby Beel Embroidery Bag

  • Category Anime Art Embroidery

  • Dimension 7.7x9.4

  • Author Lolita Rogers

  • Gallery The Tradnow Gallery

  • State new

  • Signature The Tradnow Gallery

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Beelzebub Baby Beel Embroidery Bag, Beelzebub is a story about a young juvenile school delinquent and a baby called Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV or also “Baby Beel“. It was written and illustrated by Ryuhei Tamura. It falls under the genre: action, comedy and supernatural. The manga has also been adapted into an anime. Equally, Oga appears as a playable character in the game J-Stars Victory VS together with Baby Beel. 

This manga focuses on a guy called Tatsumi Oga a delinquent student at Ishiyama High School telling his friend how he found a baby near a river. He saw a man floating downstream as he pull it to the store the man split into two revealing a baby inside. The baby also known as Baby Beel tends to be the son of a demon king.

As a matter of fact, the young Oga has been chosen to raise and educate the child along with the baby’s maid, Hilda. Surprised by this he tries to pass the child to another delinquent thinking that if he finds someone strong, the baby will eventually attach itself to that person.

Later on in the series, Oga discovers a particular symbol on the back of his right hand. Hilda explains that it is the king’s seal, commonly known as the Zebul spell. This spell serves as the family crest of the royal family. So the appearance of the seal means that he has officially made a contract with Beel. That is how he enrols in a dangerous adventure with the dared son of the devil.

Baby Beel Embroidery Bag

Baby Beel is an infant characterized by light green hair who is always naked and has a teat in his mouth. He always hangs on Oga’s back or sits on his head. Beelzebub Baby Beel Embroidery Bag is an artwork inspired by the anime series. Baby Beel is embroidered with green, brown, black and white colour.

His eyes are large and green while his skin is brownish in color. This artwork has an orange-pink background and the back side of the bag has a diagonal stripes design with green, brown and orange repetitively and respectively. Other details of this artwork are found on the side.

Beelzebub Baby Beel Embroidery Bag back view

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