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Chinese Beauty

Tags: art, Drawing Art
Chinese beauty
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  • Name Chinese Beauty

  • Category Artwork Drawing

  • Dimension -

  • Author Lolita Rogers

  • Gallery Dagomarosart

  • State Fresh

  • Signature Dagomarosart

  • Stock -

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Chinese Beauty, I sketched various versions of this artwork until I had one that I liked; At the moment I had been arduously studying traditional ink painting and aimed to produce something of the kind. First I prepared ink of three gradients: undiluted black medium dark grey and medium grey, then with a wolf hair brush inked it trying to respect the traditional etiquette as much, such as not touching the paper with my brush hand or maintaining the brush as vertical as possible at all times. Then painted the red elements with red ink, and completed the colouring with alcohol markers and colour pencils

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