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Chun Li

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  • Name Chun Li

  • Category Artwork Drawing

  • Dimension -

  • Author Lolita Rogers

  • Gallery Dagomarosart

  • State Fresh

  • Signature Dagomarosart

  • Stock -

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Chun Li has always been my favourite Street fighter character, I studied traditional Chinese martial arts thus playing with her was a source of pride as we were of “the same martial tradition,” The drawing itself was made on a sketchbook from my childhood that was literally taken by my mother for 20 years as
punishment. At one point in 2001, she took the sketchbook and placed it amongst her books; but when the punishment was over she forgot to return it, then in 2021 she got a new bookshelf and gave the
sketchbook to me after finding it. The last drawing was a very simple warship with the date 2001, so for old times’ sake, I drew Chun Li at the very end to remember old times. The pages are extremely thin so I
drew her with a pencil, then inked with a ballpoint pen, and finished with coloured pencils

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