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Kateikyō Hittoman Ribōn! Lambo Embroidery Bag

Kateikyō Hittoman Ribōn! Lambo Embroidery Bag
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  • Name Lambo Embroidery Bag

  • Category Anime Art Embroidery

  • Dimension 8.2x11.1

  • Author Lolita Rogers

  • Gallery The Tradnow Gallery

  • State new

  • Signature The Tradnow Gallery

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Kateikyō Hittoman Ribōn! Lambo Embroidery Bag, Kateikyō Hittoman Ribōn! or Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, also known as REBORN! is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Akira Amano. The story is about a young boy, who discovers that he is next to become the boss of the Vongola family, a powerful Mafia organization. The Vongola’s most powerful hitman, a gun-toting infant named Reborn, is sent to teach the boy how to be a boss.

As Tsunayoshi “Tsuna” Sawada, is to become the tenth boss of the Vongola Family. Since he is the great-great-great-grandson of the first Vongola boss, who moved to Japan from Italy. Timoteo, the Vongola IX the current head of the family, sends Reborn to train Sawada. Reborn’s chief teaching method is the “Dying Will Bullet”. That is it causes a person to be “reborn” with a stronger self to execute his dying wish. Doing so the poor, underachieving Tsuna becomes stronger, more confident and willing. This makes him more suitable to become Vongola’s family boss despite his continued reluctance. Throughout the series, he makes several friends and including his love interest for Kyoko Sasagawa.

As we move along the series, Lambo comes to Japan with the intention of killing the reborn. He intends this in order to prove that he is worthy of becoming his own family’s boss. However, he is a complete failure plus he is no match for reborn. He appears and tries to kill Reborn for the first time on Tsunayoshi Sawada’s window.

Lambo Embroidery Bag

Lambo was previously a Bovino Famiglia mafioso and is currently the 10th generation Lightning Vongola Guardian. He is a spoiled child and like candies. Reborn sometimes referred to him as a stupid “cow” since he consider him super annoying. He is 5 years old and his name was gotten from an Italian car maker Lamborghini. His dream is to rule the world while being taken care of by Tsuna.

In his child form, he wears a cow suit and has an afro-like hairstyle with horns on his head. He has a ten-year bazooka, which switches the target self from 0 years later for about 5 minutes. Other than his 5 years form he also has a 15 years form and 25 years form.

There have been many adaptations of this manga namely the anime, video games, books and even live actions. Kateikyō Hittoman Ribōn! Lambo Embroidery, artwork embroidered Lambo in all its child aspects. An additional description of the artwork is below or at the right side of the embroidery bag image.

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Lambo Embroidery Bag artwork
Lambo Embroidery Bag artwork Backside


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