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Morrigan as a Mermaid

Morrigan as a mermaid with her bone sword
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  • Name Morrigan as a Mermaid

  • Category Artwork Drawing

  • Dimension -

  • Author Lolita Rogers

  • Gallery Dagomarosart

  • State Fresh

  • Signature Dagomarosart

  • Stock -

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This artwork was my Mermay 2022 participation, Duchess Morrigan of the Fitheach is a central character
of my story @Wolfstone Legends.” To properly depict the Mermaid aspect of the character I prepared by reading various forums on how realistic Merfolk would create salt water-resistant weapons, armour and tools as well as how they would wage underwater war. As Morrigan is a specialist Longsword user I gave her a whalebone sword, not as large as her steel one, but still with a longer handle to be closer to the total length of her original weapon.  In the illustration, she is sharpening the edge of a flat rock at the side of the cave

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