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Gu-gu Ganmo Embroidery Bag

TradNow Gu-gu Ganmo Embroidery Bag
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  • Name TradNow Gu-gu Embroidery Bag

  • Category Anime Art Embroidery

  • Dimension 8x11.5 cm

  • Author Lolita Rogers

  • Gallery The Tradnow Gallery

  • State new

  • Signature The Tradnow Gallery

  • Stock in stock

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Tradnow Gu-gu Ganmo Embroidery Bag is an artwork inspired by the Gu-gu Ganmo anime. Gu-Gu Ganmo is a shōnen manga by Fujihiko Hosono. Originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1982 to 1985, and was collected into 12 bound volumes by Shogakukan.  Later on, adapted into a 50-episode anime series from 1984 to 1985.

One day, Tsukune gives his brother Hanpeita a huge egg to forgive him for losing his bird (a parakeet). Eventually, the egg hatches and there comes out Gu-gu.

Gu-gu is a big, pink, caffeine-addicted chick from another planet who has become the pet of a young guy named Hanpeita. It speaks like a human being and comes to live with the Tsukudas family. Some things it wears boots to move around.

In this embroidery artwork (TradNow Gu-gu Ganmo Embroidery Bag), Gu-gu is embroidered in pink with a red cockscomb. Its legs are brownish in colour and it has two red round shaped under its big eyes. Globally, the different colours used in the artworks are brown, red, black, pink, sky blue and blue. Equally, the full details of the artwork such as the size, stock or any other related information are at the right or below. Equally the other side of the back is like the image below.

gugu ganmo backside bag
back view

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