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Wirogalos and Aglaia Relaxing on Camp

Tags: art, Drawing Art
Wirogalos and Aglaia relaxin on camp
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  • Name Wirogalos and Aglaia Relaxing on Camp

  • Category Artwork Drawing

  • Dimension -

  • Author Lolita Rogers

  • Gallery Dagomarosart

  • State Fresh

  • Signature Dagomarosart

  • Stock -

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Wirogalos and Aglaia relaxing on camp: as the Pretoriapolian-Gealachean war is lessening in intensity both are given some breathing time to relax and explore the Blue forest of the Mactire. But it is just a small calm before the storm when the invaders who have been waiting will finally reveal themselves and
bring all the might of their force on the weakened Gealacheans and Pretoriapolians

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