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Florian Hunger-Pegof (1945-1995)

From March 4, 2021 to June 25, 2021 - Paris, France - GALERIE LISE CORMERY

Florian Hunger-Pegof (1945-1995) ab Austrian artist belongs to the  Bauhaus by his mastering of artistic skills. His spirit and art will be one of the last artist belonging to the “Wiener Aktionismus” movement.

He excels in various technics like and artistic mastering like Bauhaus artists. Being also a chemist, with a strong imagination, combines practice and art of designer, photography, Painter, Sculptor, Goldsmith and Performer. As Designer and Sculptor, he creates wood and metal furniture. As a Painter his paintings are pure abstract Zen styles. He equally takes photos of his muse in illustrative places.

“My Muse” his well known phot, with a woman sitting on a monumental telephone, is a granite artwork located Mauthausen granite carrier in Austria. This political photo represent to Hunger Pegof an illustrative of a forgotten past and hope for a better future. His argentic black and white photos are all dedicated to his muses.

As for Silversmith and Goldsmith, Florian Hunger Pegof works gold, silver and metal. He created sculptures and jewels sometimes with semi precious stones. His nude models worn this during his “Wiener Aktionismus” Happenings.

His art was well displayed during the Art Olympiads under he patronage of French President Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, Mayor of Paris in 1991 and 1992. It follows the famous 1988 Art Olympiads in Seoul. Where sculpture and painting museum was created for the event in order to to invite and show the art of major international artists of the century.

Fortunately, Florian Hunger-Pegof comes back with Florian Hunger-Pegof (1945-1995). An emblematic exhibition that runs March 4, 2021 to June 25, 2021. The exhibition will take place in GALERIE LISE CORMERY Paris, France.

Feature artworks by Florian Hunger-Pegof

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Published on: April 6, 2021

Author: Lolita Rogers

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