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Experience the Vibrant Colors and Flavors of Akimatsuri 2023

From November 25, 2023 to November 25, 2023 - Richmond, BC, Canada - Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Akimatsuri, an annual one-day event with a theme inspired by Japanese school, cultural, and seasonal festivals, acts as a lighter version of the main convention and is held in the late fall each year. Numerous smaller-scale classic Anime Evolution events are also included, like panels, film and AMV showings, gaming, artists, and merchants.

On November 25, 2023, at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University, located at 8771 Lansdowne Road in Richmond, British Columbia, Akimatsuri will take place from 10 am to 6 pm.

The cost of tickets is $15, and they can be bought at the door. Cash, debit, and credit (Visa or MasterCard) are all accepted.

Delve into the Excitement of Akimatsuri 2023 Contest and Event

Cosplay Contest

Participants in the Cosplay Contest have the option of entering a brief performance (dance, skit, etc.) or merely walking on stage to show off their outfit or costumes. The availability of technical rehearsals cannot be guaranteed. As a result, you need double-check that your audio files will play by reading our technical specifications and instructions.

Awards To Be Won:

  • Judges Choice
  • People’s Choice
  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place

Mascot Contest

This competition aims to collect mascot concepts for Anime Evolution. The winning submissions may be used in promotional materials or goods during events hosted by the Vancouver Anime Convention Society, as well as being highlighted in the AE’s Convention Guide. The awards (mentioned below) and all bragging rights will go to the winning artists.

There will be two winners for the AE Mascot Contest: the Executives’ Choice and the People’s Choice. Voting for the People’s Choice will be available to all Anime Evolution attendees. At the convention, ballots and an entry box will be located adjacent to the AE Merchandise table. After the People’s Choice vote, the Executive Committee will decide on the Executives’ Choice.

At the convention’s closing ceremonies, the winner of the attendees’ choice award will be declared. The deadline is 3:00 p.m. PST. There is no requirement that the winning artist be present.


Each winner of the mascot contest will receive the following:

  • A Weekend Pass for Anime Evolution
  • A table in the Artist Alley at Anime Evolution (as well as Akimatsuri and Harumatsuri)
  • A trophy with their winning mascot and name

Tabletop Gaming

Magic the Gathering Booster Draft

Booster Draft

In the limited format known as “Booster Draft,” players pass booster packs around the table while selecting cards to build a deck. Each player is given three booster packets. A booster pack is opened, one card is selected, and the remaining cards are passed to the player to the left.

They’ll keep going until they’ve selected every card from the first booster pack. Switch the direction in which the boosters are carried around the table when you repeat this process with the following two boosters. Everyone constructs a deck using the cards they have chosen after all the packs have been picked.

Each deck must contain at least 40 cards, but you may add as many basic lands (Plains, Islands, Swamps, Mountains, and Forests) as you wish.

Chaos drafts will be conducted as unofficial, one-game Conspiracy-style competitions. Prizes are given out in real-time dependent on who eliminates a player in this multi-player game, which is played in pods of up to four players. This activity costs $15 and will take place on Saturday 11 AM and 3 PM and is sponsored by Mikal Peterson

The Brothers’ War Sealed

Your 40-card minimum deck will be constructed from the Prerelease Pack’s card pool. They will be offered basic lands. Either a single multi-player Conspiracy-style game or a player vs. player, three-round Swiss tournament will be used to host this event.

This will be a three-round competition with prizes awarded according to your win/tie points if there are at least 8 participants. If there are fewer than 8 participants, the tournament will be conducted as a multi-player single game in the Conspiracy format, with prizes. This activity will take place on Saturday 1PM and is sponsored by Craving for a Game and costs $30

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