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Preparing for Otakon 2023: What to Expect at the Convention

From July 28, 2023 to July 30, 2023 - Washington, DC, US - Walter E. Washington Convention Center,

Otakon is an annual festival of Asian pop culture and its fanbase (anime, manga, music, movies, video games, and so on). Otakon is organized and managed by the non-profit organization Otakorp, Inc. The Otakon 2023 edition will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC from July 28th to July 30th and in this article, you will discover everything they have prepared for you to savour the convention with your friends or relative. So let’s get started

Activities Awaiting you at the Otakon 2023 Anime Convention

We can’t possibly cover all there is to see and do at Otakon, but here’s a taste of what’s in store for you. Oakon 2023 has released the Schedule of Events closer to the convention dates, which will include all of the hours and places. The convention schedule is also available on your mobile devices via the Guidebook app.

1. AMV Contest

Preparing for Otakon 2023: What to Expect at the Convention

Come see a two-hour display of top-tier Anime Music Videos from all over the world as their creators participate in this year’s AMV Contest. Vote for your favorite AMVs on Friday and/or Saturday to help Otakon choose the winners. Ballots will be distributed. Cast your ballot at the AMV Theater’s ballot box.

Art Show

View original and fan art, or submit and sell your own. Register as an artist and/or bidder, or simply stop by to explore the great items on offer from Otakon members. On Sunday, an exciting live auction will be placed.

Artist Alley

Preparing for Otakon 2023: What to Expect at the Convention

At Otakon, you can meet hundreds of artists and see their work up close in Artist Alley. A diverse range of talent can be found there, giving this an excellent opportunity to get a head start on the artists of the future while also getting close to the ones of today. Come see your favorite artists, craftspeople, and online comic makers up close and personal, and learn how they make the things you enjoy.


The Dance is a dance party with DJs of all styles and cultures. The DJs spin everything from remixed pop songs to drum & bass, anime remixes, and everything in between on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want loud music, a lively crowd, and dancing all night, this is the place to be!

Dealers Hall

Preparing for Otakon 2023: What to Expect at the Convention

Come satiate your capitalist desires in the Dealers Room at Otakon! Vendors in the Dealers Room provide a wide range of anime-related and Asian pop culture products, as well as Otakon merchandise to commemorate your otaku-tinged weekend.

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Come unwind at the Otakon 2023 Otacafe, where you can either lounge out or perform. The stage will be open for open mic karaoke for the majority of the convention, and tables will be provided for mingling and dining.


Preparing for Otakon 2023: What to Expect at the Convention

Welcome to Otakon’s LARP! Where you may play as your favorite anime character in a game that combines improv acting with Let’s Pretend. A scenario and simple rules are supplied, yet it is the ultimate crossover.

Lolita Garden

The Lolita Garden is a place for Lolitas and fashionistas to unwind, socialize, and have fun. Lolita photo shoots, trade meetups, and other activities are planned for garden attendees. Members can play Lolita Bingo at night for a chance to win prizes! The Lolita Garden will be open throughout the weekend. All Otakon attendees are invited.

Lyra’s Formal Ball

The Lyra’s Otakon dressy Ball is a dressy event for all ages on Friday evening! Get ready for an evening filled with costumes, music, and dancing. You should dress to the nines!

Maid Cafe

Maids and Butlers are standing by to help any Master and Princess feel at ease. The shows are limited to 60 lucky members per performance.

Manga Library

Like the Anime Matsuri Convention, Otakon 2023 also hosts a manga library. It is an excellent spot to read that manga you’ve been meaning to read. There are hundreds of volumes of manga on the shelf, so you’re bound to find something that piques your curiosity. Librarians will be available to address any queries you may have. Some argue that the book is always better than the movie, while others argue that the manga is preferable to the anime. This is your opportunity to find out!


This is the spot for all you kids out there, parents with kids, and kids at heart! Several East Asian-inspired games and activities will be held throughout the weekend at Otakon, ranging from origami to hanging scrolls and karuta to Chinese checkers.


Competitors ranging from eager newcomers to seasoned experts will utilize every talent at their disposal to astonish and astound you with their outrageous costumes and even more outrageous skits!

Photo Suite

Join Otakon for the best in cosplay photography by expert photographers who understand exactly what a cosplayer need. Immortalize your costume by contributing it to the Otakon archives for free and becoming a part of Otakon history!

Portable Kaiju Super Battle League

Come join the Portable Kaiju Super combat Leauge, take on Otakon combat masters, topple the Serrious Shi, and see if you have what it takes to be declared league Champion and have your name added to the Kaiju Cup.

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Video Games

Melt your stress playing the latest video games all around the world at the Otakon 2023

Besides these activities awaiting you between the 28 and 30th of July, You will equally have the chance to meet popular anime artists, voice actors, cosplayers and design creators. Without wanting time, expect to see at least one of the artists below:

Kyoko Aiba – Mangaka / Illustrator

Preparing for Otakon 2023: What to Expect at the Convention


KDFoxx – Illustrator

KDFoxx Illustrator

JUST B – K-Pop Group


KingChris – TikTok Creator


Hidetaka Tenjin – Official Macross Visual Artist

Hidetaka Tenjin




Karina Acuna – TikTok Creator

Karina Acuna

Jose Estrada – TikTok Creator

Jose Estrada

Shota Nakama – Producer/Composer/Guitarist

Shota Nakama

YAIBA – J-Rock Band



Yasuharu Takanashi – Composer / Arranger

Yasuharu Takanashi



Kouki – Musician


Senanan – Designer


Lexi Nieto – Voice Actor

Lexi Nieto

Ricco Fajardo – Voice Actor

Ricco Fajardo


Ollie Barder – Creative Director / Editor-in-Chief / Writer / Interviewer

Ollie Barder

Shinji Aramaki – Director

Shinji Aramaki

Ryu Kawamura – Musician

Ryu Kawamura

Junko Iwao – Voice Actor

Junko Iwao

Mario Castañeda – Voice Actor

Mario Castañeda

Colin Ryan – Actor

Colin Ryan

J Michael Tatum – Voice Actor

J Michael Tatum

Brandon McInnis – Voice Actor

Brandon McInnis


TouAmaLee – Voice Actor / Vocalist / VTuber


Bethan Walker – Voice Actor / Actress

Bethan Walker

Kaho Shibuya – Content Creator, Anisong DJ, Singer, and Published Author

Kaho Shibuya

Juan Felipe Sierra – Voice Actor

Juan Felipe Sierra

Romulo A Bernal – Voice Actor

Romulo A Bernal

Justin Cook – Voice Actor

Justin Cook

Shoji Kawamori – Designer / Animator / Director

Shoji Kawamori


Natalie Van Sistine – Voice Actor

Natalie Van Sistine

Megan Shipman – Voice Actor

Megan Shipman

Waki Kiyotaka – CG Producer

Waki Kiyotaka

Yoshihiro Watanabe – Producer

Yoshihiro Watanabe

Haruna Ikezawa – Voice Actor

Haruna Ikezawa

Eri Kojima – Character Designer

Eri Kojima

Shingo Kiyomiya – Director

Shingo Kiyomiya

Yuji Yanase – Director

Yuji Yanase

Kia Asamiya – Manga Artist

Kia Asamiya

Runa Katagiri – Voice Actor

Runa Katagiri

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  4. Convention Policy
  5. Registration


Published on: June 23, 2023

Author: Lolita Rogers

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