Exclusive Sneak Peeks and Reveals: What to Expect at Ocean City Comic Con 2023.

Exclusive Sneak Peeks and Reveals: What to Expect at Ocean City Comic Con 2023.

From December 9, 2023 to December 9, 2023 - Ocean City, MD, United States - Roland E. Powell Convention Center

Come have a day of geeky fun with Ocean City Comic Con 2023! On its expansive show floor, the event hosts hundreds of attendees, merchants, exhibitors, cosplayers, and artists. The Ocean City Comic Con takes pleasure in offering a full day of programming at a very affordable ticket price. After paying entry, you can attend any of the day’s many free panels, seminars, films, and other activities. The biggest pop culture event on the coast is not to be missed.

Ocean City Comic Con Artists, Vendors, & Guests for 2023!

  • 501st Legion Old Line Garrison
  • 8BitFusion
  • ACESAl Sam Orsa ArtAlicia’s Anime
  • Ally Blaze Cosplay
  • Almghty Amaterasu
  • Alyssa Hazel
  • Ancient Illumination
  • Andrew Leitzer Art
  • Andy West
  • Anime Ocean City
  • Art by A Tess and Bit Sake
  • Art League of Ocean City
  • Art of JaCo Tartaruga
  • Art of Joseph Zhou
  • Art of KnobArt By Zoë P.
  • Art-O-torium
  • Awesome Minis and Autographs
  • Axolotl Alley
  • Back In Time Collectibles
  • Batmobile ’66
  • Batty Boutique
  • Bear Man Comics
  • Beth Chaffey
  • Bickering Owls Publishing
  • Blackwater Apothecary
  • Blackwater Laser Creations
  • BlerdCon
  • Blood Bank of Del
  • marvaBobbie Palmer
  • Born to Game
  • Brett Breeding
  • Brian Lacy
  • Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman
  • Bubble Jar Art
  • Bunnies and Cream
  • Butter Side Down
  • Byte Size Treasure/Single
  • Digit Studio
  • Candy Corpse
  • Cannon Doll-X
  • Carol Brooks
  • Charm City Ghostbusters
  • Chris Flick with Roy the Werewolf
  • Chuck’s Toys and Collectibles
  • Chunk’s Collectibles Clandestine Comics
  • Coldstream Studios
  • Comics and Gaming Bethany Beach
  • Corsets & Cogs
  • Cosplay Mutt/Mr. Universe Van
  • Coventry Toys
  • D13MON-Studios
  • DavisMystery
  • Dice
  • Delores The De
  • Lorean
  • DerpyCon
  • Design by Night
  • DJF Comics
  • Doll Closet
  • Don Drakulich aka Sleazy P. Martini
  • Dream Collectibles
  • Dren Productions
  • DumplinHead
  • Eastern Shore Screen Printing 
  • Easybriizy Draws
  • Eberly’s Emporium
  • Elvin A. Hernandez, EdD (Assistant Faculty, Fine Arts UMES)
  • Enigma Comix
  • Fanbustion
  • Farpoint Convention
  • Frank Destefano
  • Frank Percy
  • Fright Night Sketches
  • G33k W3 4R3 0N3
  • Gamecore Store
  • Gaming Treasures and More
  • Geek Boy PressGeekpin Entertainment
  • Generation Otaku
  • Ghostiee Muffinn Cosplay
  • And More

Ocean City Comic Con Panels and Events

Room 202 (2nd Floor)

Meet the 501st Legion, Old Line Garrison – 11:15 – 12:15

The biggest Star Wars costume group in the world is called the 501st Legion! Meet some of their members in person and find out how to sign up. They’ll talk about making a costume, amazing events where we’ll be present, and the humanitarian work we undertake. Don’t pass up this chance to find out more about the 501st and how you may join it!

Nightmares & Dayscreams SFX Make-up Panel – 12:40 – 1:40

Join Michele Clauser of Nightmares & Dayscreams as she walks you through some of the fundamentals of using special effects makeup to create fantastic creatures! Learn how to convert yourself and others into something supernatural or demonic using common household objects, makeup, and latex, or how to utilize more sophisticated techniques to produce effects that are only limited by your imagination.

Discover how the iconic monsters from your nightmares were produced with a little makeup and a lot of creativity by joining a discussion about SPX’s history in theater and film.

So You Want to be a Mad Scientist? – 2:00 – 3:00

Do you spend time in a secret hideout hatching plans to rule the world? Would you intentionally infect yourself in order to cure an illness and possibly rescue the world, or do you have more altruistic objectives?

How far will you go to accomplish your objectives? Join Ocean City Comic’s team of scientists as we examine the abilities you need, from the magic of chemistry to fish slime weapons, if you are ready to become a mad scientist but just need that additional push. Bring all of your nagging inquiries about becoming a mad scientist!

The Henson School of Science and Technology at Salisbury University is bringing you this wonderful, entertaining, and instructive panel.

Cosplay Contest

Coming soon


Coming soon

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Published on: September 23, 2023

Author: Lolita Rogers

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