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From Panels to Performances: Must-See Events at Youmacon 2023

From November 2, 2023 to November 5, 2023 - Washington Boulevard, Canada - Huntington Place and Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Youmacon is a celebration of Japanese anime, video games, popular culture, and costumes, as well as its impact on our culture over the last few decades. Anime (Japanese animation), video games, Japanese-style artwork and comics, and the growing Internet culture impacted by all of the aforementioned are common themes throughout the event. Youmacon is an all-ages event in downtown Detroit that features interactive games, celebrity guest panels, and live musical acts.

Youmacon 2023 will run from November 2nd to the 5th at the Huntington Place and Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. Detroit, MI

Youmacon 2023, already in its 19th year, will feature big video game and table-top gaming rooms, a Charity Masquerade Ball, national bands and DJs, and a massive 150,000-square-foot dealer’s room for browsing Anime, artwork, figures, and other collectables.

Activities Awaiting You at the Youmacon 2023


Youmacon hosts scheduled meet-ups for cosplayers from the same series to acquire photos. These events will take place in the RenCen’s Winter Garden, the River Walk at RenCen, the Huntington Place South Atrium on levels 100 and 200, and the Gardner Wall (near the escalator to the People Mover on the 300 level). When available, additional information will be available via the mobile app.

From Panels to Performances: Must-See Events at Youmacon 2023

Cosplay Competitions – Masquerade

The Masquerade is a Saturday evening Main Event that includes skit performances and a display of craftsmanship. The International Cosplay Contests are also held at the masquerade. Skits can compete in the performance, craftsmanship, or both categories, but only those that compete in BOTH categories are eligible for Best in Show. You can also walk on for craftsmanship judging and model your outfit in front of an audience.

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Hall Cosplay Contest

The Hall Cosplay contest allows cosplayers to have their workmanship appraised without the pressures of an audience. This is also an opportunity for more costumes to be judged. Hall cosplay is limited to workmanship, and contestants do not appear on stage during the Masquerade. You may attend Hall with one outfit per day and enter a completely different costume in the Masquerade/International Outfit Contest on the same day.

International Cosplaying

Youmacon 2023 is delighted to welcome back their partner events, the International Cosplay League and the Cosplay World Masters.

During the masquerade, international preliminary competitions take place. You may apply for as many awards as you desire. Please keep in mind that all international solo contenders will be requested to give a 90-second stage presentation.

All entrants must be 18 or older at the time of the international final in 2024 and must cover their own passport and visa charges (if one is required).

Charity Ball

You are cordially invited to a spectacular evening of music and dance. Dress up in your finest outfit or a formal cosplay creation and ballroom dance!

Patrons are urged to dress up and have the most regal Youmacon ever! To attend the ball, you must purchase a $20 ticket (don’t worry, it’s for charity) or swap it for a Platinum event ticket.

Tickets are available at the Multi-Ops room in Huntington Place, room 140A.

The dance takes place on Friday night from 7 pm to 10 pm in Huntington Place’s Port Side Ballroom.

All attendees must wear formal attire or formal cosplay to the Charity Cosplay Ball. Clothing and cosplay of the opposite gender are acceptable as long as the attendee’s look and demeanor are formal and tasteful.

The following items exemplify what is appropriate for the ball:

  • Tuxedos
  • Dark suits
  • Ball gowns
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Evening gowns
  • Prom dresses
  • Dinner suits
  • Respectable military attire
  • Kimonos and other foreign formal outfits
  • Gothic Lolita fashion

The following items exemplify what is not appropriate:

  • Shirts with the absence of both jacket and tie T-shirts
  • Jeans Dresses and skirts that fall excessively high on the body
  • Sneakers
  • Western sandals and flip-flops
  • School uniforms
  • Costumes that could be considered offensive
  • Large props and costume appendages
  • Clothing that disregards the general cosplay rules

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From Panels to Performances: Must-See Events at Youmacon 2023

Garage Sale

The Youmacon Garage Sale is a flea/yard/market sale event conducted during Youmacon every Thursday night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Ontario Exhibit Hall of the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. The goal of the Youmacon Garage Sale is to allow Youmacon attendees to sell items from their collections that they no longer require.


Tabletop Gaming

We not only have Table Top Games, but also Paint n Take, Coloring Stations, and Collectible Card Games with Drop-in Tournaments and a play-to-win library with games from multiple publishers. We also offer a large raffle with a variety of items from various game companies that you can win. (You don’t have to be present to win just claim your winning prize before 4 PM Sunday).

Video Gaming

There will be:

  • VG Facebook
  • VG Instagram
  • VG Tiktok

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Frequently Asked Questions about Youmacon

How big is Youmacon?

We’ve gone from roughly 1,000 guests in the Detroit / Troy Hilton in 2005 to becoming the first event to ever fill the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center to capacity in 2011, making Youmacon one of North America’s fastest-growing fan events. Over 16,300 people attended Youmacon in Downtown Detroit in 2014! Despite being larger than other Anime Conventions, Youmacon is not as massive as San Diego Comic-Con, Otakon, or Anime Expo. Youmacon is a perfect size.

When does the Convention Open and Close?

From 8 p.m. Thursday evening until 6 p.m. Sunday afternoon, the convention is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The majority of our panels are set from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m., and we will be showcasing our video gaming room, tabletop gaming room, video/audio track (anime music videos) room, and video screening rooms once again.

When will the Schedule Guests, Vendors, and Panels be available on their Website?

We will add the majority of the information to the website as soon as we get it ready, so you should check back frequently. Major website improvements are frequently announced on Twitter @Youmacon and Facebook.

How much does Youmacon Cost?

At-the-door prices for Youmacon 2022 are as follows:

  • 3-Day (Weekend) Pass: $75
  • Friday Only Pass: $40
  • Saturday Only Pass: $50
  • Sunday Only Pass: $30

Youmacon 2023 may retain the same prices or make some adjustments

Which Form of Payments are accepted?

Cash (in USD) is the sole accepted method of payment at the door, although we are looking into accepting credit cards. PayPal accepts all major credit cards for online registration. What is the significance of the “three-day” badge? Isn’t it supposed to be “four-day”? The Thursday Night programming is free and accessible to the public; no badge is required.

Is Youmacon for Bos only?

The cafe employs both girls and boys. To appeal to both genders, the Youmacon maid cafe blends the characteristics of both maid cafes and host clubs.

Why is Youmacon Not Free?

The revenues cover the expense of the caterers and their food, as well as future con events.

Can You get Autographs?

Some guests may be courteous and do this for you, but it is generally frowned upon. Autograph sessions are the best times to ask for autographs. Photographs are permitted, but please ask respectfully beforehand.

Can You Work in a Maid Cafe?

Send an email to Artists’ Alley expressing your interest, and you’ll be sent a brief application to fill out.

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