Getting Ready for Otakukon 2023 Essential Packing List for Anime Enthusiasts

Getting Ready for Otakukon 2023 Essential Packing List for Anime Enthusiasts

From December 22, 2023 to December 22, 2023 - Harare, Zimbabwe - Green Screen Drive in Cinema

The first anime convention in Zimbabwe, OTAKUKON, will debut in December 2023. Through community-based events and conventions, the Zimbabwean organization Otaku Konnect aims to foster communication and mutual learning among fans of Japanese animation (anime), Japanese graphic novels (manga), related gaming, and Japanese pop culture. This promise’s annual gathering and fulfillment is Otakukon, the major annual event of Otaku Konnect. Their aim in Otaku Konnect is to expand the Japanese pop culture fans in Zimbabwe.

Otakukon will run in Green Screen Drive in Cinema Harare, Zimbabwe from December 22, 2023.

They are preparing for a jam-packed day of fantastic nerdiness for all Zimbabwean Otaku in their maiden session of this event.

From Manga to Anime: Dive into the World of Otakukon 2023

Amazing Anime Merch

There will be a wide range of alternatives and variety for both experienced and novice collectors at Otakukon 2023, where 10 anime merchandise vendors have registered to attend.

Cosplay Catwalk

For the first Otakukon, there is a reduced admission fee for those who dress in cosplay. If you’d rather observe from a distance, you can still take in Otakukon competition catwalk event.

Great Speakers

Several anime screenings will be placed in the upstairs theater throughout the festival. This will include a movie in addition to well-known anime episodes from this season and earlier seasons.

Gaming Tournament

In games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Tekken 7, and Street Fighter 6, Otakukon is seeking the best players.

Otakukon Exclusives

During the Otakukon event, there will be a few unexpected launches from local developers. They will also provide news and updates regarding the game’s debuts in 2023.

Attending Merchants

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Published on: September 23, 2023

Author: Lolita Rogers

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