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Unveiling the Must-Visit Cosplay Events at Otaku Link 2023

From November 26, 2023 to November 26, 2023 - Derby, United Kingdom - The Old Bell Hotel

Otaku World LTD will host Otaku Link 7, an occasion to celebrate and admire Anime and other aspects of Japanese culture, for the seventh time in Derby. Dedicated and driven people are carefully planning this event to introduce Derby to a small portion of anime. The Otaku Link 2023 anime convention will take place on November 26, 2023, at The Old Bell Hotel, Derby, UK

Meet Your Favorite Guests at Otaku Link 2023

Exploring the Ultimate Otaku Experience Otaku Link Activities

There will be a total of 3 different anime quizzes hosted by Otaku Link 7. Test your understanding of anime and compete against other participants to win the reward.

On the day of the event, you will receive a special URL that you must input on your phone in order to join. It’s comparable to Kahoot, so refrain from using inappropriate names even though it’s tempting XD.

The prize portion is now the most crucial component. The prize for each winner is a £10 store credit for Otaku Link’s Otaku World shop in Derby, which is located on St. James’s Street.

KARAOKE & Silent Disco

Silent Disco

Otaku Link is bringing back the quiet disco after its success at Otaku Link 6. The daytime event will include a quiet disco! The chill room will become a silent club thanks to Otaku Link. This time, the silent disco will be open throughout the day, so feel free to listen to music anytime you want to unwind or get down.


Along with the silent disco, Otaku Link 7 will also feature a fully equipped Karaoke machine. This is your chance to sing at Otaku Link if you’ve ever wanted to. Similar to the Silent disco, the Karaoke will be open all day.

Pokemon Switch Tournament

More information will be available soon

Anime Cafe

Prepare to enter a maid café and take pleasure in the experience that follows. Try some of the silkiest Japanese coffee, or get ready to kick back and unwind with some relaxing Japanese tea. A variety of stunning, to-die-for Japanese desserts will be served with these wonderful beverages.

This time, there won’t be a pre-registration need!

New Talent Spot

Ever longed to perform for a small group of people? Have you ever thought you could perform like the performers you saw at conventions? You can, nevertheless, at Otaku Link. In order to give people a chance to showcase their talents, Otaku Link has created a new talent spot.

Must-See Panels and Workshops at Otaku Link 2023



​Starliaau is a well-known vendor and cosplayer who is renowned for their unique personal art. Their artistic endeavors are heavily influenced by popular culture, especially anime. Starliaau has a distinctive style that enthralls viewers with its superb cosplays and artwork, forging a significant presence in the world of pop culture fandom.

Illustrative EG

Illustrative EG, Unveiling the Must-Visit Cosplay Events at Otaku Link 2023

Enter the amazing world of EGillustrative, a concept artist and illustrator of the highest caliber. They create magical worlds and characters with a keen eye and infinite ingenuity, capturing the spirit of imagination in their alluring work.

JW Sketches

JW Sketches

Explore the complex Flowercore universe with JW Sketches at Otaku Link. These knowledgeable vendors are known for their intricate and innovative cartoon and manga-inspired artwork. Their distinctive Flowercore artistic movement mesmerizes with its remarkable color and beauty. Discover fascinating characters and breathtaking compositions that give their artwork life, and let JW Sketches’ engaging works awaken your inner otaku.


Kryonsite, Unveiling the Must-Visit Cosplay Events at Otaku Link 2023

Welcome to the world of comic book and merchandise artist Kryonsite. With a focus on pixel art, Kryonsite produces mesmerizing images that combine creativity and nostalgia, bringing your favorite characters to life in a distinct and pixel-perfect manner.



​Noveeco will sell kawaii goods like pins, prints, and other items with a Japanese theme. Fans of attractive and charming designs will enjoy their assortment of adorable goods, which reflects the well-liked Japanese aesthetic. Customers are enthralled by Noveeco’s distinctive offerings and attractive goods.



Vinilust is an English-based digital artist that specializes in cartoon-style graphics. Vinilust, who is now pursuing a degree in illustration, has a distinctive artistic aptitude that is evident in their work. They expertly use a desaturated color scheme to give their works a unique and alluring touch. Their work exhibits a mastery of the genre and perfectly captures the essence of anime style.

Fanatic Puffer Fish

Fanatic Puffer Fish, Unveiling the Must-Visit Cosplay Events at Otaku Link 2023

Fanatical Puffer Fish is a master of handmade crafts and an illustrator. They will bring a variety of goods, including crafts relating to the Genshin impact as well as cutesy key chains and earrings.

Additionally, they have a fantastic assortment of Japanese folklore-inspired pins, stickers, and notepads that they collected while touring Japan in 2019!



Find out more about the captivating world of Phantom Artz, a rising star in the anime-inspired art scene!

Phantom Artz has swiftly established itself as a beloved presence at anime events thanks to its fascinating artwork and distinctive style, enthralling fans with their bright characters and innovative compositions.

Winged Horror

Winged Horror, Unveiling the Must-Visit Cosplay Events at Otaku Link 2023

Join Winged Horror, the creator of the images that enhance your D&D sessions, on a captivating artistic trip 🎨.

Winged Horror is a gifted comic book artist who creates detailed images that vividly depict strange settings and alluring people.

After-Party Event

Everyone will leave the premises for 1.5 hours after the Day event concludes at 6 o’clock so that they can pack up and get ready for the Cosplay Party. At 7:30 p.m., they’ll start letting guests in.

You must present identification to The Bell Hotel staff before entering. You must have your ID with you in order to enter. The after-party will be open until 7:30 p.m., but we will close at 12 a.m.

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Published on: September 24, 2023

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